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Looking back...there was an amazing amount of really cool stuff coming out in the fall of 2005. 


I put up a display of Conte stuff at our local library. The combination of the figures, the boxes and the big blow-ups of some of my action photos makes a nice display.



The gang's all here and I'm havin' fun!


I'm back from OTSN.  It was a day of refreshing old friendships and also setting the groundwork for some new ones.  I also enjoyed seeing all the vintage Marx playsets that were available as well as all the new product.  What an awesome time for those who enjoy the World War Two theme.  Everywhere I looked were the amazing Forces of Valor and 21st Century vehicles.  Stick those with all the new World War Two poses coming out and it really is a time of playset dreams coming  true. 



Here's one of the posters I'm making for OTSN


First peeks at the upcoming playset featuring the 82nd Airborne on D-Day were posted on the Preview Page. 


Pictures of a ten pose sample (out of 25 total poses coming) have been posted on the Preview page.  You'll have to scroll down below the American pictures.


I got the go ahead to post some pictures of some of the Germans that will be coming in plastic...but my eyes are going blurry and I need to get some sleep. They should be up early in the morning.  Here's a little taste.



I spent a wonderful day with my family yesterday, so nothing new got posted.  More very exciting stuff should be unveiled in the next 3 days.  Hopefully more stuff will get posted tonight, though my priority has to be finishing up some print pieces I want to take to OTSN.


Today is all about WW2.  Photos of the Test Shots of the plastic Gis are advancing through the haze of time...and exploding 88 rounds!  More of Robert Ortiz's contributions to the line are being unveiled throughout the day. 

These guys have got me playing like I was a kid again...except the dialog is coming out on webpages instead of just echoing n my head.  Click on the picture.


3:00 Am and I just finished what I hope is my 'Keeper Pic" for the French and Indian War Series.


Tonight the first of Robert Ortiz's contributions to the WWII Invasion was revealed on the Preview page.  "The Serg" is definitely a character with character.

My home has been invaded yet again...The 3rd wave of Rangers and Indians arrived...and so did the test shots of the first 16 poses of US Gis. As you can tell from the picture above...You can have yourself quite a battle now that Wave 3 of the Rangers and Indians series  is available. 



Valkyrie, "The She-Wolf of the SS", has begun broadcasting her discouraging words to the American GIs getting ready to embark on their invasion of the Toy Soldier Collecting World. There's only ten days left until the OTSN show in Chicago...a week until I get down there...And a lot of stuff is going to be revealed here on the website in the days ahead.

"Vee hav vays to Make you Collect"

And the main way is by making the best affordable Toy Soldiers ever seen.

Wanna see more?  Stay tuned!

You gotta admit, when Conte and Ortiz create a "Teaser" to stimulate interest in the soon to be revealed WWII onslaught...they don't mess around!!!


I got the Rangers and Indians sets sorted out.  The pictures should be correct now as should the stock numbers and prices.  Go to the new releases page or the Rangers and Indians page.


Well, Old R.C. has decided to start showing his hand a little.  He's wanted to keep the coming invasion of WWII plastic relatively quiet... but the veil of secrecy is off now...The GI's are coming sooner than most of you ever expected!  (No..I'm not nervous about a statement like that...not a bit....well not much....well...)  There will be samples at OTSN and I will get a set of test shots to photograph within the week.  (There will be a surprise or two when you see the pictures!) The Chinese have said they can get a limited number of test shots of each pose of the first 16 figures to us by OTSN...I hope they make good on their word.  On another historical front, the third wave of Rangers and Indians has arrived and is shipping. Unfortunately, as there are three different Ranger firing sets and several Indians fighting sets, I don't know the proper numbers of the sets to help you  order.  (Best just call the office and tell 'em to send you one of each!  That will solve the problem!) Normally I'd call the office and get them to help me figure this out, but they are going nuts trying to get the Alamo Playsets shipped out. Stay tuned...it's going to be a busy 10 days coming up. And you might want to pray for the beleaguered warehouse staff...If being besieged by thousands of Mexican Soldados wasn't bad enough...Now they've got hordes of wild Indians and unruly Rangers to deal with!



This one turned out nice!

I got tired of just trying to use the stuff from the new sets...I had to get everybody into the action.




Today was one of those Oh-So-Rare but Dream-About-All-The-Time days.  My lovely wife agreed to spend the day with me at the beach where I set up and photographed the whole Alamo Shebang. I started putting things together and loading the car about 7:45.  By 9:30 we were ready to go.  The next 5 1/2 hours were playset heaven.  Days like this just don't happen very often.  I wonder when I'll get around to unloading the car?

Someday I'll learn how to get colors to turn out right when I take photos indoors...but it sure feels good today to get these pictures that show the "True Colors".


I've updated the Alamo 7 and 8 information page yet again with pictures of the single color pewter figures.  I've also updated the Mexican Plastic Figures Page in the Plastic Figures Section.  I also posted a few more pictures of the bandana head on other poses.  See down below.


Today I worked on pictures of the attack on the outside of the West Wall.   Then I worked on taking pictures of the individual Mexican poses and the blister cards.  You can see those on the Mexican Figures page in the Plastic figures Section.


The full force of the Mexican Army has arrived...and I've been overrun.  This is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep watching the Alamo 6 and 7  Information Page for more pictures. Over the next few days I'll get more and more posted.

've been dying to get enough of the Mexicans where I could take the risk to see if the heads are exchangeable.  So far I've switched the hatless guy's head on about six different poses and it's worked pretty well.  I've had to use glue to attach the head only once.  I have had to take an exacto knife and cut under the tails of the bandana so the tails go outside the collar a couple of times also.



More pictures posted on the Alamo 6 and 7 Info page.


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