While each set is described separately, these sets are intended to continue our incredible Alamo range. Sets 1 thru 5 have been widely hailed as the best range of buildings and figures ever made recreating this legendary fight for freedom......Playsets 6 & 7  continue to 'set the standard'.


Set 6 depicts the "West Wall" while set 7 recreates the "Convent Wall & HQ" or southern end of the "long barracks" and connects to the Chapel front... ( the area which set 7 portrays is widely viewed by most Alamo buffs as being the Headquarters since this is how several of the movies have shown actual history it was possibly used as the hospital during the siege and was NOT Travis' HQ).


Perhaps most importantly to some of you, the Conte Mexicans have finally arrived and you can now do away with all Mexican troops by other manufacturers.....possibly relegating them to 'supporting roles' or otherwise using them as first wave 'cannon fodder"!!!


As in the past we are offering special introductory pricing for both sets to thank those of you who have been on the waiting list for so very long.....also, very importantly, we are offering some very special bonuses to those who buy BOTH sets 6 & 7--these are described at the bottom of the page and are limited to the first wave of buyers.


By my count there are 44 new sculpts.  30 of these are injection molded plastic whilst the others are 'single color' fine pewter.  The injection molded poses are the most highly animated & detailed plastic figures which we have ever produced. The engineering & design on these took 'a while' and a lot of cash but was well worth it as you are going to see we were able to maximize 'undercuts' unlike anything you have ever seen on plastic figures before.  Also, the horrible 'block-out" which is normally present on all plastic figures has been virtually eliminated.... simply put, the molding & production of the Mexican Army has set a new standard for us and the industry. this ability to avoid blockout just revolutionized 'thangs' for all of we plastic lovers!!)(I can't wait to see our NEW plastic  GIs, Romans, Spartans, Rev War, Rangers/Indians done in this fashion!!Coming in 06 !!! if all goes well  and cash flow allows...)


Playset #6 The West Wall


 Pictured above is Alamo Playset 6...shown with Bonus Stuff...Read on!

Contents: **


--West Wall section with rooms and 2 removable roofs (Approx. 18" x 10.5" x 5.5")

--West Wall section with room, gun ramp and removable roof (Approx. 18" x 12" x 5.5")

--"Lunette"(moon shaped defensive embrasure which goes on outside of fort) (Approx. 16 x 9x 3)



This picture shows the detail of the brickwork.

---Pewter Figures (Limited Production) in single colors

(Mexicans light blue, Texians chestnut)

--ALA230-SC (3 figures in hand to hand combat plus terrain base) (interlocks with ALA231-SC (in set #7) & ALA232-SC (available as 'bonus' below).

--ALA225-SC Colonel Travis Drawing the Line-one of my favorites!!



---Injection Molded: (ALL 'Conte' figures; (not cheap "reissues")

--16 Texians (Set #1 in a light brown)

--16 Texians (Set#2 in a light brown)

--144 new Conte Mexicans in 15 poses with 'shako' hats ---Approx. 180 figures total including 4 pewter.....

---"Marx" Accessories


PRICE: $295.00 Regular Price   $265.00 'introductory price' for preorders.

(Note that 180 Conte plastic figures would retail for $270 alone!!! The buildings and pewter figures easily add $100's of dollars of value.) Plus Shipping/Handling



Playset 7 "Convent Wall & "Headquarters"




--Large two story HQ with staircase (Approx. 17" x 15" x9.5")

--Convent Wall (in ruins) (Approx. 16" x 6" x 7.5")

--Injection Molded 'Bunk bed"(2 beds)




---Pewter Figures (limited production) in single colors(mexicans light blue/texians chestnut ); see painted pewter sets of similar number on website for a look at' these'!!!

--ALA231-SC (4 figures in hand to hand combat plus terrain base) (interlocks with          ALA230-SC (in set #6) & ALA232-SC (available as bonus below)

--ALA227 SC Colonel Crockett in Long 'trench coat' firing Ole Betsy


---Injection Molded: (ALL 'Conte' figures; not cheap 'reissues')

---16 Texians (Set #3 in a light brown)

---16 Texians (Set #4 in alight brown)

---144 new Conte Mexicans in 15 poses with 'presidio' hats. Note poses are different than in set 6 in that these all have different 'presidio hats/heads'....

---Approx. 180 figures including 4 pewter.

---'Marx' Accessories


PRICE: $295.00 Regular price $265 'introductory price' for preorders.

(Note that 180 Conte plastic figures would retail for $270 alone!!! The buildings and pewter figures easily add $100's of dollars of value) Plus Shipping/Handling.


SPECIALS----SPECIALS----SPECIALS (and a couple of thoughts)



As always, we like to say 'thank you' (with SPECIALS) to those plastic collectors who buy 'early' and direct from us as you are the ones who help to make these sets possible.  In this era of dramatically increasing oil prices--which adversely affect EVERYTHING we do, we are doing what we can to keep prices down and the value of our playsets high. We are proud that sets 6/7 contain ONLY Conte figures including numerous single color pewter figures which are quite costly for us to include.  NO RESIN PARTS (which are relatively inexpensive to produce while having inherent decomposition and breakage 'issues' are included!!)


Some of the Mexicans have as many as 7 separately molded parts; and while driving our moldmaking costs up, we now can enjoy “full-round” animation, amazing 'undercuts', almost total lack of block-out and crisp detail. I especially draw your attention to their faces--never in plastic toy soldier history have 'expressions' like these been seen.


Thanks for your 'early' support--it is greatly appreciated and allows me to continue producing the figures we all want!



--- First 225 to purchase Sets 6 AND 7 at the same time will also receive specials A thru E:

--A) Chevaux De Frise (defensive spikes) in hand-painted pewter. (Approx. 3 ˝” x 2” x 2”)

--B) Napoleonic 12 Pounder Cannon in hand painted pewter (ok so maybe there weren't any of these at the real Alamo but there sure were allot of them  in my Alamo set-ups as a child)

--C) ALA232-SC (5 single color Pewter figures plus terrain base in hand to hand combat) (interlocks with sets ALA230 SC from set 6 and ALA231 SC from set 7)See website for pics of painted set ALA232 with the same poses.



---First 400 to purchase Sets 6 & 7 (NOT necessarily at the same time) will receive:

--(D) 32 Additional Mexicans

--(E) the opportunity to 'supersize' your Mexican Army by purchasing additional Mexicans and making Generalissimo Santa Ana proud ...or at least arrogant enough to think he can capture the Alamo.....cuz he certainly couldn't take it with the 300 approx. included in sets 6/7..(I've already been told by one collector that 10 of our stalwart Mexican troops could take on 'at least a thousand'  Marx Mexicans.....)


Many collectors have asked me to allow 'bulk' purchase of additional Mexicans....I've listened...These extra troops available only to playset buyers at the following prices (a real bargain): (Choose 1) (We select the blistercards....)

---Buy an additional 96 Mexicans for $110.00 ($1.15 each approx.)

---Buy an additional 192 Mexicans for $190.00 ($.99 each approx.)

---Buy an additional 504 Mexicans for $380.00 ($.75 each approx.)

---Buy an additional 1008 Mexicans for $650 ($.65 each approx.)

Buy 5000 Mexicans and 'do this thang right & proper' and ole RC will work out a special deal and go out for Mexican food with ya in San Antonio....seriously! We look forward to hearing from you...please call with are or will be on the site in amazing Joe Baker set-ups.

Thank you as always!!! Hail Davy & Jim and William!!


PS...We're not done yet with this range...not by a Texas mile.  In the works are Mexican Assault Teams with ladders, Artillery Crews, Cavalry, and the Hand to Hand fighting figures you all have been clamoring for, as well as the North Wall, the rest of the Long Barracks and the interior of the Chapel. We're doing this thang right and proper. This is real Playset History in the making!


PPS...In time it is inevitable that prices will go up.  It is important to note that we reserve the right to change contents and/or pricing at any time.  We will try to keep the website up to date with changes.