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August 19, 2004

While waiting for the final word on the content mix of ACW Playset 3, I've been taking pictures that I hope capture the possibilities of what's to come.  I know the Crater terrain piece is going to be included and the 3 hand to hand vignettes, the wounded Confederate flagbearer,  the five Union casualties in monocrome pewter, as well as the new plastic Confederate Series 2 figures, and some Union Series 2 in gray and some Union Series 1 in blue.  How many of each figure set and other details are still being decided.  I also couldn't resist using the stuff from the first two playsets in the background.  All that's to say that these pictures are evocative of the essence of ACW Playset 3 and not definitive.






The following pictures use elements from all 3 sets.





I've been having  a terrible time getting a shot that captures the full width of the three sets together.  The above image was stitched together out of five smaller images.  It gives the appearance of the pieces coming together at an angle, but in reality, the three pieces line up in a straight line. 


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