Valhalla Awaits Action Pictures

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I finally got my hobby space back and I've been going a little crazy making set-ups using my Diorama Drape as a base, adding accessories, and then playing with the various themes of figures Conte has made over the years.  Today I got the Valhalla Awaits series out, and then moved on to the Romans.  As you scroll down, you'll see that I've had a blast with the Civil War, the Rangers and Indians, the Zulus, and World War 2.






I'm getting ready to pack up for OTSN.  But first...a few pictures of the painted Vikings.

A little side action...


With the Viking Raid Playset Series, RC wanted to create a whole Medieval World.  Here you see the Saxon Church which is the centerpiece of Viking Raid Set 2 displayed with the Village buildings and Stamford Bridge. The figures are the figures from Viking Raid Playset 1, which features the Viking Ship with a tan colored resin crew.

It was a tough economy in those days.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Look at the detail on the cross and tombstone.

A Warrior Priest leads the local Saxon garrison into battle.

"What else did she say to bring home?"

I wonder if he'll ever catch him?

Get the marshmallows.

Isn't that church beautiful?  The saxon maid t'ain't bad neither.


Things are shaping up for OTSN.  It looks like all our suppliers are coming through.

These guys go with the battering ram...but I needed someone to interact with the girl.

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