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I believe this series was my first attempt to tell a story with a series of pictures.  Back in the spring and summer of 2004 I was excited about finally finding trees that I was happy with.  My wife and kids had surrendered the battle for control of the basement.  I had a new camera...and at last I was ready to try to do justice to the vast range of Conte metal Civil War figures.

I am a trial and error photographer and my biggest frustration up to this time had been my inability to get a good depth of focus.  So I started building this scene outwards, taking pictures with decent focus at each stage.  I set up the high ground back drop scene where the Confederate generals look out over the battle unfolding below them as more troops advance toward the fight.  Then came the bridge scene...and then the high ground and then the clash at the point of contact...then the Union troops advancing...then large scope pictures...then the scene of Grant watching the Union troops marching forward. I think in the process of taking this series I finally learned what settings to use with what light to get a decent depth of field. At the time, I was absolutely  thrilled with the way these shots came out.  Now I'm looking forward to the day I can do another large scale battle using all I've learned in the last year.

There are several links to larger pictures within this picture.  Click on the various figure groupings to see a close up of that part of the picture.




For a long time, this was my favorite shot.








At the end, I just had to bring in some figures and accessories from my personal collection to round out the set-up.


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