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The Ancient Greek Series

We Shall Meet Them at the Hot Gates...

Enter the Immortals!!!

Check out the Persian Officer's shield...and the awesome flag!

The Unstoppable Spartan Phalanx

"CCC26 - Spartan Officer( w/Spear)  $30.00

AG001: Sparta Triumphant! ( Spartan With Shield)  $30.00

AG002: "Then We Shall Fight In The Shade!"(4 Spartans wounded/defending)

Regular Price - $109.95  

AG003: Spartan Officer" (single figure with cape) Regular Priceegular Price) - $35.00

AG004: "Phalanx !!!" (6  Spartan figures--2 each of 3 poses)  Regular Price - $139.95$

AG005: "Here We Stand, Here We Stay!!" Shield Wall Set 1" (4  Spartan figures- 2 each of 2

Regular Price....)$109.95       

AG006: "Glory, Honor & Fame" (3 Spartans attacking with sword)

Regular Price ... $85.00 I


"By The Power of Zeus" (single figure with chain)   Regular Price...$36.00

AG011: "Spearchucker" (single Spartan)

Regular Price...$35.00 

AG008:  "Fury Unleashed" (3 Spartans charging with spear) 

Regular Price...$85.00

AG009:   "Killing Machine" (3 Spartans fighting)

Regular Price...$85.00 

AG010: "Come & Take Them!" (3 churning/fighting first Rankers)

Regular Price...$85.00


The Immortals Attack!!!

AG017 "Our Arrows Will Block Out The Sun" Part 1    $ $ 109.95 Regular Price 
Immortal Archers Part 1 (4 figures)

AG018 "Our Arrows Will Block Out The Sun" Part 2   $$ 109.95 Regular  Price
More Immortal Archers (4 figures)

AG019 "Immortals Attacking"   $ 89.95 Regular Price    

( 3  figures)

AG020 " Immortals Dead/Wounded"  $89.95 Regular Price 
( 3 figures)

AG021 " Battle In The Shade" (2008 Release)
Spartans with shields overhead in shield wall
2 in front row kneeling times  two(4 total)

AG022 "  The Advance of the Immortals Part 1"
(4 figures)  advancing with spear/bow

AG023 " Immortal Command Set" / Minions of Xerxes
(officer and flagbearer; 2 figure set)


AG024 " The Advance of the Immortals Part 2"
second advancing pose  with spear leveled (4 figures)

AG025 "Battle In The Shade Part 2"
2 standing crouching poses times 2 defending against arrows coming in

AG026  "Tonight, We Dine In Hades"
3 dead/wounded Spartans

AG027  Hydarnes / Commander of the Immortals(2008 Release)

AG028  "With Your Shield Or On It" / Hand to Hand set 4  $69.95 Regular Price   
(2 figure hand to hand) dead Immortal on top of dead Spartan

AG029   "Apollo's Avengers " / Hand to Hand set 5 (2008 Release)
AG030  " What Manner of Men? " / Hand to Hand set 6 (2008 Release)
AG031" Screams of Men, Cries of Triumph "/ Leonidas  Pose #3 (2008 Release)
AG032 " The Great King- Xerxes " (2008 Release)
AG033 "Death of Leonidas" (2008 Release)

AG034 Immortal Officer (single figure)  $39.95 Regular Price   

AG035  The Advance Of The Immortals Part 3
(4 figures) w/spear & bow