"Sons of the South - Rebel Yell"

Signature Series


SOS 001  General Gordon      $75.00


# SOS-002 Wounded Command Set

(3 figures including Officer, drummer and flagbearer)
You've never seen a casualty set like this.....
$ 85.00 Regular Price 
$79.95 Introductory Price

#SOS-003 "Even The Mighty!"
(Mounted Confederate General just wounded whilst waving his men onward)
$75.00 Regular Price 
$69.95 Introductory Price

#SOS-004 Advancing Set #1
(3 figures all determined veterans)
$79.95 Regular Price  
$75.00 Introductory Price

#SOS-005 Firing Set #1
(3 figures including  dirty looking veteran with corn cob pipe and scatter gun)
$79.95 Regular Price
$75.00 Introductory Price

#SOS-006 "Rebel Yell !"
(attacking , firing, screaming flagbearer--single figure with flag)
$36.95 Regular Price   
$32.00 Introductory Price

#SOS-007 "Canister !!"
(2 falling, flying , twisting wounded in an incredible piece of sculpting & interactive animation on 1 large base) The engineering on this one merits  a careful look...........
$59.95  R
egular Price  $54.00 Introductory Price

#SOS-008 Attacking Set #1
(3 charging, clubbing & bayoneting members of Lee's Old Guard.  Eye patch included no extra charge as a silent tribute to Mr. Kirk Douglas...) The best attacking/charging figures we've ever done.
$79.95 Regular Price 
$75.00 Introductory Price

SOS009--- Advancing Command Set (3 Figures) $85 Reg  $76 INTRO

S0S010 Grape Shot!! (2 figures on a single terrain base)--- $59.95 Reg  $ 54 INTRO

S0S011 Firing Set #2 (3 figures)---$79.95 REG  $74 INTRO

SOS012  Aftermath (2 Figures On Single Terrain Base)---$55.95 REG  $  $50 INTRO

SOS013 Advancing Set #2 (3 Figures) --$79.95 REG  $ 74 INTRO

SOS014 The South Shall Rise (Single Flagbearer Officer Advancing)---34.95 REG   $30 INTRO

SOS015   "Down But Not Out"      $29.00

CCC28 Onward Men! (Single Figure)----$29.00 REG $24 INTRO

PS: Union/Yankee Fans take heart as Reinforcements with this high caliber of Sculpting & Animation are Mobilizing.....